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How to Sell Your Hair for Cash

Step 1
HAIR LENGTH - If you're to get fast cash for your hair now or in the near future, be aware that you will need a minimum of 10" of healthy hair. The average rate of growth for human hair is 1/2" per month or 6" per year. Of course, the longer and healthier your hair is, the more cash you are likely to receive.

Step 2
HEALTHY HAIR DIET - To get fast cash for hair, you must follow a healthy hair diet. As you would to keep your body healthy, drink lots of water, eat sensibly, get your required sleep time and plenty of regular exercise.

If you're a drug abuser, or if you smoke cigarettes, here's another good reason to quit. Most buyers will not purchase hair from a smoker as the cigarette smell lingers in the hair.

Step 3
HAIR CARE - Wig makers prefer virgin hair for wigs and hair extensions. Don't perm your hair or use hair dye and no bleaching.

Brush your hair softly with a soft bristle brush. Don't wash your hair every day as this tends to dry out your hair and can lead to split ends. Air dry your hair whenever possible.

Step 4
To get fast cash for your hair, go to The site is totally free. You will request a free hair4cash return kit, and questionnaire of your hair's condition. You can also set a starting price and your accepted method of payment. The Cash for Hair website is completely free.

Step 5
ONCE YOUR HAIR IS SOLD - Once you have received cleared payment, go to a hair stylist familiar with the procedure. Hair must be clean and dry. 

Pull your hair back into a ponytail and secure or braid in one long braid. Cut hair at least 1" to 2" above the bundled hair.

Place hair with rubberband in place into a plastic bag and put the plastic bag into a padded envelope. Mail to buyer using our secure pre-paid method of shipment. Delivery and/or signature confirmation is a good idea.


Getting the most cash for your hair tips

Here are some tips and information on how to sell your tresses for cash.

Leave your hair untreated. Most wig makers want "virgin" hair that has no chemical treatment. Virgin hair is generally less damaged, lasts longer in a hair piece, and looks more natural. If you want to sell your hair, make sure you do not dye, perm or bleach it.

Grow your hair out. Generally you need at least 10 inches of hair to be able to make a sale for extensions and wigs.

Take good care of yourself and your hair. Healthy hair that shines fetches a better price in the open market. Some basic tips I have read are to brush your hair gently, eat well, and do not take any drugs since hair retains traces of the drugs you take. Also, it is best not to shampoo your hair every day because that strips your hair of its natural oils. Smoking is also detrimental to your hair because the scent usually stays long after you light up a cigarette.

Request Hair Return Kit from Log on and request your free hair return kit to get immediate Cash for Your Hair.

How much can you make? The price really depends on the color, length and quality of your hair. One woman specified that she grew her hair with the intention to sell and took very good care of it, and she managed to sell it for more than $500. It took her four years to grow that hair, but $500 is still a good return on something that is fairly painless to give up. It also seems that her research into the hair trade led to a healthy lifestyle, and that is a great bonus for her.

If you are cutting your long locks but do not want to sell them, you can always donate them to Wigs for Kids, Pantene Beautiful Lengths or Locks of Love. These charities provide wigs to children who have lost their hair due to illness. Since wigs are considered cosmetic, they are not covered by insurance, and a lot of families cannot afford a wig made from human hair.

In closing, I think if you already have beautiful long hair and need a bit of cash, selling those locks is definitely something you should look into. It is quite profitable and definitely much less painful than selling any other body parts.